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Reaching Out with Social Media for the Elderly Introvert


There’s nothing wrong with reaching out for help when you need it, or when a loved one is in need. There’s nothing wrong with needing more mental support from unknown friends via the internet. There’s nothing wrong with not liking to be in groups of people, or “getting together” in person. For some people, mainly introverts, sometimes the easiest way we can be interactive, and get our social fill is by hanging out on the internet. Maybe in our social groups, or on site’s that deal with the issues we’ve got. And this is also the type of person my Grandma is, too. (Maybe that’s why we get along so well?!) She’s not a fan of big groups of people, or new people, at all. She likes to stay in her own element, in her own surroundings, and not be out late. None of these things are a problem, as long as you know how to ensure your loved one is still getting their social, and other needs met.


Here you’ll find some lovely links to different pages, web sites, and other. Many of them do have chat forums available, and discussion boards to have questions answered, and many other things. Check some of them out!



On Facebook:

Support the Elderly:

American Diabetes Association:


Medicare Made Clear:


(AARP also offers APP for Android and IPhones that connects you to the AARP Community!!)


Websites:     This site has a myriad of chat rooms, discussions, information, freebies, and more!!



For Caregivers, support links:  This site offers a place for caregivers to go to vent, learn, and relax with others dealing with the same issues!!


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