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Medical Marijuana and the Quiet use in Our Elderly Community


Medical Marijuana and the Quiet Use in Our Elderly Community


By now, you’ve heard that many states are beginning to legalize the use of medical marijuana, and even some areas where recreationally using pot is now not considered a major crime. Finally! Medical marijuana has been used for years by so many people secretively, and cured so many ailments that even the best prescription drugs just cannot touch. There are certain areas, however, even in the states where legalization has occurred, that certain groups of people do not have access, or even knowledge, that a drug like a CBD exists.

People are choosing to ingest and try the more natural cannabidiol (CBDs) that are in medical marijuana, instead of taking some of their 35 daily prescription medications. Many studies have been done proving that CBD tablets, when taken in a regimen, have been known to destroy cancer cells, and temporarily curve major issues in humans, such as pain, nausea, muscle spasms, and so much more. Many times, with the elderly, a new ailment means a new medication. Sometimes that new medication then reacts and interacts badly with an old medication, causing horrendous side effects or damage done internally. There are more risk in mixing prescription medication, than in taking medical marijuana. Period.

In California, this topic is growing quickly. The Kaiser clinics have begun quietly pushing their elderly patients into dispensaries, and legal prescriptions, to try medical marijuana for their pain, and other ailments. Why are they doing this, you wonder? Think about the elderly 80 year old man you know, or you knew. There came a point in his life where he couldn’t get around like he did, due to massive amounts of bone pain. Not to mention his lungs. He’s got cancer, and it’s progressing slowly. For just those two ailments alone, this man could be on close to twenty different medications. If he takes ANY for pain, he’s probably in a medicine fog, feeling like he is half-way to drunk on the meds. Granted, he may be in less pain on these meds, but should he really be forced to give up his life quality to forgo the pain? What if he could have NO pain, and still be in his mind enough to move a bit? Or make his own coffee? What if the medicine he COULD take would also help bring back his appetite, and relax the rest of his issues as well?

Thinking of it like that, I’m sure you can see why CBDs need to be more talked about and discussed when visiting the primary care doctors of your elderly loved ones and friends. Without doctors becoming more knowledgeable about CBDs and the real possibilities of medical marijuana, some people may be being denied some of the best, more natural options available today. Keep in mind that this is not a smoke-able marijuana. This is not your pot on the corner, although, that does help in some of the same ways as medical marijuana. Difference is it was not grown in control, and may have “full strength” THC and other things in it to make you actually “high.” Whereas medical marijuana does not bring the “high,” only the helpful side effects of calming your body, mind, and belly.


California is working hard on opening the availability of cannabidiol medications to be allowed in nursing facilities, and hospitals. The nice thing is that caretakers can handle the paperwork, and even getting these meds for their loved ones, in certain cases. There are certain groups that can be found by searching the internet on the topic that will bring these types of medications into nursing home facilities for seniors, when they cannot get them. But again, the major thing to remember with this is that unless more doctors speak up on how this truly works, there will be no great strides for the elderly to have this as an option for their ailments.

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