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World Scleroderma Day!! What do You Know About this Disease?


World Scleroderma Day!! What do you know about this disease?


Many of our readers deal with Systemic Scleroderma on their skin, in patches around their legs, hips, and joints. Many of your hands are inflamed, sore, and taught. Many of you just wish for some relief, minus the piles of pills, heating pads, and ice packs. Minus the breathing machines, chemo meds, and insomnia.

On World Scleroderma Day, it’s everyone’s chance to help spread the word on this autoimmune disease. One of the worst in the list of diseases, this hardens your body often from the inside out, or vice versa- from the outside in. Normally there is no rhyme or reason. Something triggers inside your body, and your body begins attacking its own organs. Over and over. Relentlessly. The only way to stop the attacks are to take massive amounts of steroids, chemo, or other immune suppressants to control the flares. Sometimes those meds cause a whole other list of issues that sometimes, don’t feel necessary to go through.

This blog post is from our friend, Author Skye Falcon. She deals with Scleroderma, and often writes about the tribulations and trials that life throws in her way. She asks for people to help spread the word about this, “excuse the humor…..very HARD disease.” Check out her post.

Please take a moment to like this blog, or share it, if you know someone who has, or is going through, a fight with an autoimmune disease. Comment with the disease that’s stealing days away from your friends or loved ones. Let’s spread the word on all the diseases, and get more accessible endocrine and genetic testing! Consider using this icon on your social media pages to show your support!!


Who will Stand Up for You? Choosing the Best to Represent Your End of Life Wishes


Who will Stand Up for You? Choosing the Best to Represent Your End of Life Wishes


Sometime in your years, you’re going to need to depend on someone to know, understand, and follow out your wishes. This is an inevitable part of life. The issues that you should consider before you decide on who you want to be, “your person,” (or people) for lack of a better word, should include your end-of-life wants, estate planning, POA planning, and more. In many States, and in many families, this is a heated issue.

Should family members be required to follow a person’s wants, even if they are incapacitated, and cannot make the decision?? Should the family members be able to do what they want to do, because they see the 1% chance that recovery *may* happen, as the light at the end of the tunnel?? Should any family member have the right to trump the written, signed decree, to prolong a life that is less than quality, or satisfactory for the person now bedridden, or whose life has been changed forever?

With the situations that our family has dealt with in the past few years, and are currently dealing with, I implore you to make sure that the person, or people, you select to do this for you are trust worthy, and have never, ever made you question their loyalty. Even those in your life who smile to your face, invite you to birthday parties, post on your Facebook page occasionally, and front to others as if they care. Don’t just pick any one, take your time, and have those conversations. Observe them, and their actions with others. If they have dealt with these types of situations before, check their track record.

The most important thing to remember is that your end of life rights and wants are just that—YOURS. There is no question that whatever YOU want to happen in the end is YOUR choice. While it’s never easy for any family member to say good-bye, at no time do YOUR rights cease to matter before your last breath.

If you are faced with this currently, ask yourself these questions about your possible POA, or caregiver:

-Will this person honor my wishes 100%? Even if it means taking personal hits to defend my rights?

-Does this/these people have my best interest at heart? And mind?

-Have these people caused distress in my life, at any time, over the years?

-Are they there when I need them? Or only when I’ve got something to give, or they can benefit?

-Does this person/people show respect to me at all times?

-Does this person/people stand up for me, when I cannot defend myself?


If you’re interested in reading more about estate planning in Indiana, check out this book that covers just about everything! The Complete Guide to Estate Planning in Indiana on Amazon. Or get updates on Living Wills, Wills, and End of Life Rights by checking out the book, Healthcare power of Attorney and Living Will Kit, also on Amazon.


On a personal note, it should be stated that this was spurred from current drama, and nonsense, by a group of “adults” who would rather treat people like their own possessions, and push their own needs on to them, rather than doing what said person wants in the first place. Thankfully, these “adults” are not the ones that will see to it that this person will have every single one of her wishes honored, at whatever cost. I will assist those honoring those wishes at any cost. <3 nlb <3

Seniors Need Funding and Rights, too!

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Seniors Need Funding and Rights, too!


In most states we researched, seniors and elderly people do not feel that they are being heard by a number of government agencies that were created to do just that- help them. Of course, many or all now know that the government is broken in so many places, that it’s hard to even pin point where to go to fix the issues. However, as there is a division for children and family services in most all states that the government supports, there is not a specific division there to help seniors.

In some states, there are some “things” set up for the elderly, but it is nothing that is just readily available to them. These are things that they have to fight to get. As an elderly senior, fighting for rights, for better identity theft protection, and laws against elder abuse… they should not have to be fighting for!

Recently in Louisiana, seniors protested at the State Capitol to have a bill pushed through that would assist them with such fights with these programs. This bill is also pushing for more funding for the Office of Elderly affairs, and programs that it supports. It is these types of programs, and incentives, that truly do make the lives of the elderly easier, and more worth fighting for. State officials in Louisiana also pointed out that if they had more programs, incentives, and the like for seniors, it could open up a whole other avenue in having more seniors retire to their state for the duration of their lives.


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