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Robin Williams: All Our Hearts are Broken


Robin Williams: All our Hearts are Broken


By now you’ve surely heard the news about Mork, Peter Pan, the Genie, Captain, and Mrs. Doubtfire. Yesterday we were eating dinner, and in the last seconds of the world news, I thought I lost my mind. I could’ve sworn I heard them say “Robin Williams found dead after apparent suicide, his rep reports.” My mouth fell open, and I immediately caught myself looking to my children sitting around me. Their mouths fell open, and one said so innocently, “Mrs. Doubtfire died?” I swallowed the growing lump in my throat.

It’s amazing how some actors and actresses can really get into your head, and heart. After so many award winning, best role playing movies, the just sort of become part of your life. Maybe it’s the movie messages that you like, or the deep depths of characters that they are able to play effortlessly. Regardless of why you liked them, it’s more than obvious today just how many lives Robin Williams touched. All age groups, all around the world.

What were your favorite Robin Williams movies?

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Whatever your favorite movie was, whoever the celebrity is that hits your heart… please remember that if you’re facing the black depths of depression, reach out to anyone. Whether it be a stranger, professional, or family member, please let someone know where you head is. Whatever your age, it can happen. It can creep in, and fester. You’re never alone in this world…there’s always someone there to listen.

Not only was Robin Williams a fabulous actor and person, he was also a huge fundraiser in the Scleroderma world, often partnering with fellow comedians, like Bob Saget, to raise money around the world for research of this autoimmune killer. It’s hard to fathom who will be able to step in and fill those shoes, but I am hopeful someone at least tries.

“But only in their dreams can men be truly free, ‘Twas always thus, and always thus will be.”