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Are you Autoimmune? Do you know Your Options?


Are you Autoimmune? Do you know Your Options?


The past few weeks, we took part in the Autoimmune Summit. It was a large gathering of over 35 of the world’s top autoimmune doctors, functional medicine docs, nutritionists, and the like all coming together to provide a free seminar, essentially, for those who signed up. Anyone can still own this summit by visiting their website, and purchasing the entire package.

We have decided to share what our friend, Skye Falcon, has been writing about on her blog page about everything that was talked about in the summit. We’re pretty sure she took more notes than we did, and we really liked her first post in the series. Yes, series. There was so much information given in this summit, and many cannot afford to buy the series. We’re happy to be able to share posts to help spread the choices, options, and treatments available to those with these types of illnesses.

Please use this link to head to Skye’s page to read about autoimmune diseases and healthy eating! Thanks for visiting!!

Holidays are Here Again!!! We’re BACK and Hopefully Done with Our Hiatus!

oh forks holidays 2014

Holidays are Here Again! (We’re BACK and Hopefully Done with our Hiatus!)


Elderly Care Resources has spent the last few months moving! Anyone who has moved with multiple children after living in a house for 11 years knows exactly what that’s like!! We’ll be getting back to the blog in full swing in the next few weeks, bringing you much information from the recent Autoimmune Summit that has been hosted by many of the top doctors, nutritionists and leaders in the autoimmune world.

While we haven’t been busy on our ECR page, we HAVE been VERY busy everywhere else!! In October, we published our first gluten free cook book, OH, Forks!! A Little Bit of Everything and All That’s Gluten Free with Author Skye Falcon and Gluten Free for Me. It’s a fabulous book, made from 100% recycled paper, and over 200 pages filled with pictures, simple directions, versatile ingredients, and nutrition labels!!

For the Holidays, we’ve made a few deals on these books! Please check out the Gluten Free for Me Facebook page, or check out their latest blog post for details!

We’re excited to share with our reading community everything we’ve learned from the autoimmune summit!! We also hope that your winter is starting off well, and want you to remember your winter safety precautions against falls, and staying warm!!

Some have sent in comments asking about my Grandma, too. I will try to get an update about her done, too. Thanks for asking, and still thinking of her. She needs all the prayers she can get. #justicefornancy