AutoImmune Issues & Notes from the Summit, #7


AutoImmune Issues & Notes from the Summit, #7

As you may know by now, one of our bloggers in an author who suffers from auto immune diseases, and has family members who also suffer with AIs. Months ago she took part in the online AutoImmune Summit, and took pages upon pages of notes of the pointers that all of the wonderful specialists, doctors, and nurses spoke of. We got the okay from her to share her post with all of you, so that you can read up on the tips, tricks, and suggestions that were given during the Summit.

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This entry is about the tips from Dr. Aristo Vojdani, a neuroimmunologist. Please remember, we are only sharing this post with you for your insight. If you have questions about a specific post, as Skye states, please refer to the person/doctor’s social media or books for further assistance.

Notes from Aristo Vojdani, PhD and Neruoimmunologist. He is affiliated with Cyrex Laboratories, who also do tons of testing for these types of diseases!

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