New Year, New Healthier You in 2015!

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New Year, New Healthier You in 2015!

With every year come the resolutions. With the resolutions come the stress, strain, and sometimes even a little bit of anger. With all those negative emotions, resolutions become yesterday’s dreams. That said, we’re not really into “resolutions” around here. We know that changes have to be made as a WANT- meaning, the person must WANT to change before anything will happen. Not just an ideal “Eh, it’s 2015…I think I’ll quit smoking/eat healthier/change my attitude.” It just takes more than that.

We don’t want to hear that people have made empty resolutions, and we’d like to help out in any way we can! This year the focus, we think, will be on the new ways coming to light to treat the myriad of autoimmune diseases that have now become more prevalent than some types of cancer. You’ll hear more of paleo eating, the AIP protocol diet, eating gluten free, and working your body out physically, too.

One of our guest bloggers is also an author, and lives with many autoimmune diseases. She began eating gluten free years ago, and has now published her second cook book, which happens to be gluten free, too! You should check it out! The recipes are simple to intermediate, the directions concise and clear, and the nutrition labels on each recipe help those who track calories and fat know just what they’re getting! The index keeps the 200+ pages organized, and easy to find!!

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Our first recommendation in 2015—check out this new gluten free cook book! Use this link to see it on Amazon!

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