Helpful Gadgets #1


Helpful Gadgets #1
As we age, things tend to change. Not just our skin, and our minds….but also our abilities. It’s always nice that companies come out with new gadgets and devices that can help to make our lives a little bit easier. Check out some of these newer inventions! Some are geared towards those with certain disabilities, but of course anything can be used by anyone!!


The One Trip Grocery Bag Holder is perfect for those with arthritis, or severe joint issues. Sometimes it’s virtually impossible even for me to bend my fingers to grasp something. It seems that this would really help with that, and it holds many bags at once which also cuts down on your trips back and forth to the car! Available here!



The QuickSnap Ice Cube tray is made to help get that ice out, without twisting your hands into broken shambles!! (Or breaking your ice cube tray…just saying.) It’s “regular look” tray has an easy out button on the underneath of the tray that helps plop the ice right into your glass!! Available here!



Steering Wheel Spinners or rings, depending on your style preference, are put onto your steering wheel so that you don’t have to grip the wheel when driving. There are a multitude of colors, types, and sizes nowadays. Many local medical supply stores carry these devices. Available here! In Many styles!




Stirr-It is amazing for those soups, stews, and chowders!! Even for the rue’s that wear your arms down from stirring for hours. This fancy whisk you simply put into your pot, and turn on. There are a few different auto-whisks on the market, some you can set for certain amounts of time. Available here!!



The Wheelchair Bike is something I wish I would’ve had years ago!! OH how my grandma would have LOVED this thing!! Not only does this give the wheelchair rider a bit of wind in their hair…but it also eases the strain on the wheelchair pusher on those long distance walks. This would be amazing for the trails and parks! For selection, and the how-to’s of this neat thing, check here!!

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