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Elderly Care Resources: Updates July 2014

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Elderly Care Resources: Updates July 2014


In the past year, our family has dealt with horrendous crimes against our elderly family members. Because of this, I have been pulled away from one blog, to focus solely on writing about Justice for Nancy, and keeping the world updated on the horrible guilty felon, Zachery Doan. You too can read these updates, and how things have progressed with my 80 year old Grandma’s brutal beating and home invasion, and subsequent blindness and essential loss of life. Justice for Nancy updates and stories are on our friend, Author Skye Falcon’s blog.

For my Grandma’s, I’ll be stepping back into this site. You’ll see more articles and tips and tricks, safety, living issues, as well as how to help them deal with awkward situations, or problems they may be too ashamed or upset to fully discuss. We’ll be covering state laws dealing with DNR and end of life choices, as well as hospice issues in our state of Indiana, and others.

Our world is turning into an unsafe place for the vulnerable, especially seniors and the elderly. As in my Grandma’s case, children she use to give candy to, chat with, and throw a ball to ended up being the ones who stalked her, beat down her back door, used her to steal money, and beat her beyond recognition. In these situations, it’s hard for them to draw a line between old memories of good times with children, to the new odd behavior, and bad situations with the grown kids, now turned criminal. Even immediate next door neighbors can be out to get you, just like this case here.

So, stay tuned for new articles and such. We hope you’re having a safe summer!!