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Ramblings #1, College & My Hairy Beast


Ramblings #1, College & My Hairy Dog Beast


I’m sitting here, prepping notebooks, printing syllabuses, and getting my ducks in a row. Yes, my ducks. I started back at college today….finishing up my Business Management degree. I’m already half way done with it, so it shouldn’t take me too long to complete….right? I mean, I only run a household, run multi-self owned businesses, have 3 children that I home school (Plus my favorite M girls, too) and ALL of the extra things that come along with that… It probably doesn’t help that I’m a clean food junkie, and can’t stop creating recipes for the cookbook that I’m also working on…. That my publishing company GoodTimes Publications will publish when it’s done. Oh, and not to mention my second novel….working on that, too. The BLOGS! OH my dear Lord in Heaven…THE BLOGS! Now, I also didn’t give any credit to the ole body, and you all know now how she works, or DOESN’T work, rather…. So I’ll have to keep some extra forks around to deal with her flares, whenever that may be. Extra Forks? Wait a minute. How many forks am I going to need now? Do I have enough forks to even start with?
Ooohp, hang on… my Darling #1 has paged me to his workstation. *steps away from computer*

And I’m back. I was also stopped by Darling #3 to tell me how much she loves the grapes we picked off the vine yesterday. Darling #1 was working great, thankfully, today. Working steadily in his online classes…just as someone else I know should be doing…
Above were all my random thoughts, well, some of them. Sometimes they fly so fast that I can’t even hear/see/read them all. There are things I didn’t list on my “chore list” above, too. Like my dog…who will be having surgery this week. Turns out she’s not so healthy. So, we’re getting her as healthy as we can, and treating her like the Queen Bitch she truly is. Really, that’s sort of a joke. See, this beast of mine is the dominant animal in our “zoo.” The boss. The outspoken, often pushy, sometimes frighteningly scary girl. But to us, of course…she’s just a big hairy baby. So, QB and I have a big day this week. I’ve got my fingers crossed that everything comes back reasonably normal. Thanks again to my parents for helping our with this. We are more than appreciative! And QB says when you visit, she’ll jump on you, try to knock you over, and then pretend that she’s a baby and sit on your lap.

Back to school. No, really. I have to click back over to the other web page now, and write a whole paragraph about myself. Introducing myself to the class. Yikes. I’ll try to limit it to a paragraph….Mmmm Hmm. Bet you’re asking why I’m doing it if it’s extra stress? Because I love learning, and I LOVE being the best at things. Perfectionist? Maybe a little. And being that I do have my own businesses, that degree will be a beauty to have on the wall. (Not that education isn’t as great or anything.) And I want my kids to see just how much hard work does pay off, and how possible dreams really are. And then the hubs and I are one step closer to opening our own school/pool bar/adult toy&education. HA. Alright, alright…it’s time. No turning back… let’s keep that shiny GPA at a 4.0.