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Rates of STIs Extremely High in Senior Living Centers


Rates of STIs Extremely High in Senior Living Centers


For those born between 1930 and 1960, any topics sexually related or covering intimacy are all but shunned. Folks from that time period were taught that they were to never speak about such topics, events, or actions, and that for the most part, they were only supposed to do “that” to procreate, or with their spouse. Because of this type of information, and thought process of the 50’s, many people are not aware of the dangers of sexually transmitted infections, diseases, or the things that one can pass to another even by sexual touch. Safe sex was not something that was taught, or discussed, thusly making all forms of protection available today essentially foreign to them.

Why is this a problem in senior living communities? Due to the lack of education and the greater lack of discussion, elderly people are coming together in these facilities to find some pleasure. I bet your mouth just fell open! It’s true. While they are not always engaged in the actual act of sexual intercourse, they are fingering, touching, groping, and providing oral stimulation to their community mates. This is a perfectly normal human need: to feel pleasure and intimacy. The statistics in our area (Fort Wayne, IN) are pretty shocking, as many would not think that these things are happening.


The good news? Great news, actually. Boudoir Noir’s School of Loving Arts is preparing to debut a new series of classes to bring a certain sexual education into these senior living communities that obviously need it more than ever. These classes will discuss the taboo subjects of sex, intimacy, and the safety measures that need to be taken, even for these minor situations the seniors may be finding themselves in.

Why would we do these classes? In our classroom inside of our store, we have seen a rush of seniors coming to attend. In some cases, the nursing home transport van did the drop off, and pick up. This spoke volumes to us, and showed the need for such a program.

If you’re a senior living in a community that is dealing with these issues, maybe you should reach out for more information for your facility. Sometimes, posting informational posters or putting information in the newsletter is all it takes. In other cases, we find that directly addressing these diseases and issues can greatly reduce the percentage of transmission within the walls of the community.

Feel free to message our page for more details, or look for the School of Loving Arts on Facebook.

Personal, Home & Phone Safety in 2014


Personal, Home & Phone Safety in 2014

Although we have touched on the topics of safety in previous years, we must revisit this topic frequently with our elderly relatives and seniors we may know. Why must we do this? Because our world is constantly changing, and it is no longer the 1950s, where leaving your front door unlocked was the norm. Because thieves thrive on technology, and via phone calls, more than mail scams. Because neighbors are no longer always friendly, trust worthy individuals. Regardless of the reasoning, it just has to be done.
If you’ve ever thought about how you cannot be around your loved ones as much as you’d like, or worried that the distance between you may be a problem in the event of an illness, or medical issue, you should consider having extra care for these individuals in place. Checking out the Senior Care Solutions at Care.com may be what you’re looking for.
Find Quality In-home Care for Seniors

Phone Safety
Nowadays, it’s easy to have a phone with caller ID. They even make telephone now that will speak to you who is calling, so there is no guessing as to who it is. Scam artists are still calling the elderly, and posing as grandchildren, lost in another country needing funds to return home. They’re preying on the emotion of one of the most giving, and trusting age groups in America. This is exactly why they do it. Most of the time their calls come through as “unavailable” or “unknown.”
We always encouraged our elderly relatives to NOT ANSWER at all if they do not know the number on caller ID, or the name showing on the phone. They may protest, and say it could be important. It is this point that I would implore that you get them an answering machine, so that they can be reassured that anyone important will leave a message, and they can call right back.
This is important because people are still getting swindled out of thousands of dollars each year, and with cuts in Medicare and Medicaid, and the trouble with Social Security—elderly folks and seniors need to hold tight to their money plans, and not veer off course.

Home Safety
Home safety is an important thing that many families do for their relatives, but sometimes forget about the total picture. OF course, you’re probably readying the house for your loved one. Grab bars, slip resistant rugs and pads, life-saving alarms and buttons, emergency phone lists, and more. However, you also need to check the structure’s safety, too. Ensuring that locks are working on all exterior doors, and batteries in fire alarms are working. Make sure that outdoor lighting is working, and think about motion lights that come on automatically with movement outside.
Things like this are necessary in making your loved one feel more secure, and also for your own peace of mind. You’ll know that Aunt Betty is safer with working locks, and that she can see outside in her front and back yard if there is movement or motion. You know she’ll have her list of numbers, and know who to call if there is an emergency.


It’s often the simple things that we may forget, or just not think of, that can cause unneeded stress and strife for both your elderly relative, and yourself. Making sure there are extra batteries for flashlights, a plan for emergencies if the power goes out, and what you’re going to do to reassure your relative they are okay after turmoil.

2014: Safety, Health, and Living!

2014: Safety, Health, and Living!


2014 will bring much more to Elderly Care Resources! We’ll have more reviews of products geared towards giving seniors and the elderly more freedom to continue living fully. We’ll cover more medicine related news and controversy, and of course, cover more on the new developments on Obamacare. We’ll soon be linking to our new Facebook page, too! We’ll also cover more on living…having fun…getting our there, and experiencing life as long as you can. Happiness. Light. Love.

This year, instead of taking care of my Grandma, who left us in 2013, we’re expanding our circle of helping the elderly in our community! I know there’s no way I’ll ever be able NOT to help, after going through so many struggles with my own Grandma over the years, and I was pleasantly surprised by my children’s instant love for my ideas. To start, we’ll be volunteering monthly at our local food bank, and making lunches for the elderly in their lunch program. We’ll be making regular visits to our own elderly family members, and making sure they have what they need, and getting them out of the house more. We’ll be relocating sometime this year, and will be closer to a new nursing home, and plan to invade it with our kid-made goodies, and love.

We can’t wait for 2014, and to see just what this year will hold! Almost anything is an improvement from last year!!

Thanks & Peace!

*All for you, always. My Angel. BJC 07-21-1930/10-31-013*

Are You a Burnt out Caregiver? Check Out These Tips to Refresh Yourself!

6 Ways to Beat Caregiver Burnout!!
And Workplace Burnout, Alike!

There’s nothing like sitting and relaxing in the evening, when out of nowhere you remember that you’ve got to take Aunt Bertha to the doctor, grocery, AND library (so she can renew the books she’ll ask you to read to her…again) tomorrow. Not to mention you’ll be going to work, and taking care of your children. And instantly, your head is throbbing, and you sort of want to barf. Keeping your cool, you calm yourself by simply going to bed, and facing the day head on. Because in the end, you know you’d do anything for Aunt Bertha…you love her to pieces. ~

Do you ever suffer from any of these symptoms?
*sleepless nights
*frequent illness
*diarrhea and stomach issues
*forgetting anything and everything
*anger and/or rage

If you do, then you sound like one stressed out caregiver!!! There are a few things that you can do, add to, or simply change the routine of your schedule to give you some down time!

*Get some sleep!! Put yourself to bed early! Did you know that by missing only an HOUR of sleep can completely ruin your day before it’s even begun?! And like my husband ALWAYS says, “happy wife, happy life.” And sleep is so important for so many reasons. Your body and mind NEED sleep. You must make this happen! 🙂

*Breathe some FRESH air!!! Go outside; take a walk around the block. Go in the backyard, and stand there and listen to the sounds. Take a drive with the windows down! (Yes, I am aware it is winter in most places. That does not matter!!) The outdoors makes most people feel relaxed and happy….. Unless you’re a vampire, or boogeyman, I suppose. But I bet even a little oxygen would be good for them, too.

*Take BREAKS! (Yes, that’s with an ‘S’) An easy way to do this with children is that every time your little Johnny turns into a giant no listening, energy sucking bugger….with his time out, you give yourself one, too. (Sort of that same, “sleep when the baby sleeps” advice. Except, way more do-able. Because when the baby sleeps, that’s when you do chores, read, have sex, etc.) If you’re childless, and work full time, you can take desk time outs, too! Before you start a task, just relax. Stare at a pen or some other stationary object for a few minutes.

*Over 40 hours is OVER TIME!! Hopefully, if you’re working a 50 hour work week, you’re getting compensated for it. Many are not, and those folks should take a stand! Working over time only wears you out, and then without getting paid for it…well, that’s like a double whammy. 🙁

*Be Active!! Whether it’s chasing your toddler or the zumba class at your local YMCA, find a way to move your muscles EVERY day. There are so many ways to do this, and many are free!! Many local organizations offer free classes, libraries loan free DVD’s, many websites have millions of free “how-to” videos to learn new exercises, and so much more!

*Get away, and some time for YOU. This could be a vacation, far, far and away….or simply a stay-cation may be just the trick. Often we all fall into the doldrums of our every day routine any way, but adding the care for another, too? Sometimes is more than some can understand. When it gets to the point that you’re tearing off your friends or families faces when they say something like, “oh, I so know how you feel,” or “I’ve been there, too.” And the man in your head is screaming-“Come on d&)$! You have NO idea what this is like! Other than your children, who the f#8@ have your taken care of for over five years?!!?” Then it’s time for a break. When you’re that tense, you’re really no good to your loved one, either. Just saying…

Another thing that I find myself so attached to in my care giving to my grandma is my routine. I have a private home school, a home based business to run, a husband, three kids, 47930297 pets (I think the pets have pets) all to run each day. :/ (Don’t you dare think I didn’t think about writing all the millions of pounds of chores us momma’s do on a regular basis, too. Just wanted to be clear..) From the start, I made a schedule that Monday’s were hers. Whatever she needed, whatever needed done…was always on Monday. That’s worked for eight years! Yes, there were always extra trips over, incidentals that came up. But those were then fit in where they could be. Nothing was “dropped” for those extra trips, unless it was a medical issue, of course. This allowed me to know when I could plan things, schedule home school days, appointments, etc. I hope you’ll be able to squeeze some of these things back into your life! ~

I found this perfect picture that has all sorts of facts, and tidbits about what happens when you’re burnt out! The sources used to collect this information are on the bottom of the picture, from Infographic on Pinterest. 🙂