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~Don’t Forget Your Directions!!!~


In today’s age, directions are easy to find. Even better, you can get them from a myriad of sources. That being said.. Just this week, I was stopped downtown by an elderly woman. She was a white woman in one of the worst areas she could be lost in. (Before people have a shit fit, I’m only going by most recent news reports and murder and crime statistics in THAT area…so relax.) She was shaking, and very distraught. After learning she was lost, and trying to get to her doctor’s office, I offered to help. I told her I’d gladly take her where she was going, as it was sort of on the way to where the kids & I were going. After driving 20 miles per hour for what should have been a quick little trip, I got her parked in the office lot. She was relaxed now, and full of thanks. I wrote her directions for the trip back home, and hoped that she’d use them.

This may seem like such a simple thing for some, but many elderly people who missed the technology boom may not know how to use anything other than an “old fashioned” standard map. And with so much road construction, road name changes, and other INDOT and improvements…things on that “standard map” may have changed.


The great part is that many online places do offer free driving directions, and many times even printable maps. They are often customizable, and sometimes you can save your most commonly used directions. How can you help with this, you wonder? By simply asking and making sure that your loved ones always know where they are going, and never end up like the lady from above. If the wrong person would stumble across an elderly person who is lost, there could be an instant disadvantage, or serious trouble.

Here are some of the free online sites to get driving directions!!! Check them out for your next trip, or scenic country drive!!


Bing Maps-  http://www.bing.com/maps/

Map Quest –  www.mapquest.com/?le=t&saddr=&flv=1&vs=directions


Maps.com- www.maps.com

Yahoo Maps & Driving Directions- http://maps.yahoo.com/