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AutoImmune Issues & Notes from the Summit, #8


AutoImmune Issues & Notes from the Summit, #8

Brianne Williams, RD LD, nutritionist


One of our authors not only suffers from a myriad of autoimmune diseases, but also had the sheer luck of stumbling across the outstanding AutoImmune Summit hosted in November 2014 by Dr. Amy Myers. Skye Falcon has been blogging the notes she took from attending the summit, and has published them by speaker.

It brings us great pleasure to share another entry with you all, this time from nutritionist Brianne Williams, who works closely with Dr. Amy Myers on a daily basis. She also backs the “Myers Way” dietary suggestions. You can find more about her tips on foods and inflammatory agents¬†to avoid by clicking the link below!

Notes from the Summit from Brianne Williams, by Skye Falcon