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Elderly Care Resources: Bunions


Elderly Care Resources: Bunions


Bunions can be some of the most painful things a human can get, and can completely throw off your balance, your stride, and even the ability to walk. Normally occurring at the joints of the toes, most commonly the big toe, there can be swelling, as well as significant amounts of pain. Certain things can be done without seeing a doctor, but if the pain is too great, contact your doctor immediately.

Buying the correct types of shoes can help with basic daily function. Shoes with a wider toe box that do not put pressure on to the area where the bunion is will help. Also, seeing your Podiatrist, or Pedorthist, can help point you in the right direction. Pedorthists may offer more ways to help fix your bunions than going a surgical route, although in certain cases surgery may be unavoidable.

Recently we have begun to do some work with those at Summit Pedorthics. They are based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and service anyone willing to travel to their location. In some cases, the owner, and Certified Pedorthist, will travel with prior arrangements. If you ever have questions about your feet, they are the people to ask!

Check out their latest post about Bunions, in their new series titled, “Bunions, Calluses & Corns. Oh My!”

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Elderly Care Resources suggests Summit Pedorthics


Elderly Care Resources suggested Summit Pedorthics


At Elderly Care Resources, we’re always looking for those businesses specializing first in dealing with elderly issues. Second, we focus on the treatment they receive. Summit Pedorthics has proven time and time again to be the BEST place in Northern Indiana to get your foot information, shoes, orthotics, and general fixes from! The owner, Steve, is an all-around wonderful guy, who will tell you the truth on products and feet related things without lies. He’s got over 35 years of expertise in this business, and has been a Certified Pedorthist for many, many years.

He has branched off into his own home based business, wanting to serve the public and educate other professionals in the field, too! He has recently begun blogging, and started his own social media pages! Be sure to stop by and tell him hello!

Check out his sites to be linked up with them to ask your questions, or get your needs serviced! As of now, he is servicing those in Northern Indiana!

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