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“Phoenix Rising” Rocks!!


Recently I had to take a break from my blogging to publish a book!! My publication company, GoodTimes Publications, just published it’s first novel!!! It’s been a very exciting few months around here, and working with Skye Falcon has been fabulous!!  Phoenix Rising is her first published novel, but not her first publication. This is the first book in the Probed Saga triology. We’ll be swinging into our first marketing push soon, so please check this book out!! It’s available on Amazon.com for Kindle, and Barnes&Noble.com for Nook. Paperback is also available on Amazon.

Here’s a small part of our interview with Skye Falcon on her book, Phoenix Rising.

ECR: “When did you begin writing this story?”

Skye: “It was actually more than 10 years ago, for one of my AP high school English classes… I may have had a bit of “senior-itis,” and my super nice teacher said that if I wrote him the start of a story, he’d give me my A. I earned that A…”

ECR: “How do you develop your characters?”

Skye: “My villains are always based off of people’s personalities I’ve had issue with over the years, but no specific person, or event. My main characters often have personal growth, of some sort. And lust…and love. I Love, Love. (chuckles, and smiles) I dream vividly, and many times I’ll remember just enough of something to run with…”