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Elderly Care Resources: Does my Senior need Help with Food?

Elderly Care Resources: Does my Senior need Help with Food?


In our community we do a lot of volunteer work with seniors and the elderly, and those who cannot get to or make food for themselves any longer. This is often an over-looked issue, as many people think that Medicare and Social Security will still cover these costs. And while in some cases that is true, in many cases, those funds are tightly wound up in everyday bills, medication cost, and the generally high cost of everyday living. If you are in the Fort Wayne area and have a senior relative or friend, please be sure to check in with them and see that they are getting enough food to eat regularly.

If you find that your senior or elderly relative or friend is struggling with this issue, there are some things you can do to help. First, check in to the Homebound Meals program, or your local chapter for Meals on Wheels. In Fort Wayne, our “Meals on Wheels” is funded by sponsors and donations only, and receives no government funding. They rely solely on volunteers to help deliver the local pre-made and medically tailored meal plans to any senior in the area who needs it. The meals are made at local hospitals and picked up by the route drivers minutes after they are made. With each meal comes a hot-lunch, and a cold-lunch, covering all of the nutritional needs of the human. It’s a simple sign-up, too, and no one is turned away. These meals are delivered at lunch Monday through Friday.

Another place to turn to for pantry-filling assistance would be your local food bank. Our local food bank, Community Harvest, has a SeniorPak program that is funded by the government and donations. They track seniors by their Medicare insurance. They do have other senior and elderly food programs as well, some with delivery, and others for pickup from the food bank itself. SeniorPak routes happen once per month and each senior gets twenty-plus pounds of food delivered in two large paper bags. With this program, the seniors are asked to sign that they received their delivery. This helps the food bank track who gets what and when, and ensure they get the appropriate funding in return.

The most important thing to remember is to check in with your senior and elderly neighbors. Some are too ashamed to mention they might not have enough to eat, and others too proud being brought up to deal with whatever the situation is. In today’s world, hunger should not be a concern of any one. Working together we can all assure that all seniors and the elderly have all they need to eat!

ECR Information: Pen Pals for Seniors

ECR Information: Pen Pals for Seniors


Have you signed up yet? To receive, or to reach out and be a pen pal? No?! Well, what are you waiting for?!

We first stumbled across the organization in 2017 after seeing a news broadcast about it, and loving every single part of their mission! Pen Pals for Seniors recognition exploded after that Fall broadcast, and our organization, Justice for Nancy, was quick to sign up. What is this unique sounding organization? It’s one that unites a group of people to help bring another group of people out of isolation, giving them friendship and hope. The benefits of this sort of organization for those in need include mental calm, health improvements, and better moods, to name a few.

With this program, seniors are able to sign up for a pen pal in their area, or someone with like interests. They can then exchange emails, or written letters, back and forth, opening so many doors, opportunities, and warm-hearted feelings for all involved. Pen Pals for Seniors has a legitimate database, so no one will be taken advantage of, or partnered with someone that makes them feel awkward.

See, there’s the thing… they market this as an elderly human benefit, when really, we think it’s more of just a human benefit, overall. After losing both of my grandmothers, and having all sorts of incredible family circumstances, I miss them more now than ever. Participating in this program, and the others that we volunteer with, help give me the connection to the past that I need. Plus, my children still get the well-rounded relationships from people of all ages, and seeing the smiles they help create in our senior community warms my soul. And the elderly we encounter weekly and monthly seem brighter and peppier when we are there. They are excited when we call, check-in, and visit. Such a simple way to make a huge impact in someone else’s life.

If you’re wondering how you can sign up to participate in this program, sign up to be a pen-pal receiving senior, or donate to one of their many card causes, just head to their website!

Just Click Here (It’s a direct link straight to their website!) Pen Pals for Seniors website or Facebook page.

Or if you’d rather copy and paste, here are the addresses:

Site: https://www.penpalsforseniors.org/about-us

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pals4seniors/


Thanks for visiting our site! We hope your 2018 is off to a great start!

Elderly Care Resources: Seniors in Need: Everywhere USA

ECR: Seniors in Need: Everywhere USA

In the past few months, we have taken up volunteering and delivering food to home-bound seniors and the elderly around our area. It’s been a truly eye opening experience, and one we wish we could do every day of the week. As you can imagine, we have seen all kinds of people, in all sorts of circumstances. The thing is, they are all the kindest, nicest people you could ever come across.

So, what’s the trouble then? The trouble is that to these people we see, we give two brown paper grocery sacks full of “food.” Except that the food inside is processed, canned, non-perishables….and not really anything that’s going to keep anyone out of the hospital. That said, we fully understand that providing fresh foods and meats to everyone is just not possible, especially when some do not have a way to keep anything cold. Or in some cases, warm.

As a human, I can’t help but sit and wonder how we can make this change and get those who need REAL good just that—real, fresh food. The kinds that makes your body function and brain think to the highest of its power. The kinds that help bring blood sugars and high blood pressure down naturally, so eating 12 pills per day to combat and level sugar levels would be unnecessary. This year I’ve made our garden extra-large…more so than usual. I did this in hopes of sharing some of the most basic vegetables and fruits with some of the best people I’ve ever met.

We’ve had other blogs on volunteering and the importance of paying attention to your elderly neighbors, friends and family members. Any of them that you read will encourage your help! Please, consider helping your own local senior agencies! The need never ends!

VOLUNTEER! Because You Can!

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Elderly Care Resources brings you:

Volunteer! Because You Can!


Over the past decade, we always seemed to find ourselves around the elderly and seniors. (And that’s where this web site came into play!) The fact is, we LOVE them immensely, and all of the things that they continue to teach us about life. It seems very full circle to have young children and the elderly working and interacting with each other on a regular basis brightens not only their world, but also gives children a clear view of real life, what’s expected, and what’s to come.

In our years of work and research, we always come back to a few very key points: seniors and the elderly lack the proper amounts of daily communication, interaction, and touch to properly function (Counsel of In-Home and Aging). It seems like something so simple to be able to rectify; a phone call here, a short visit there, or maybe lunch with them at their senior community. But what about those who are homebound and unable to leave, or provide for their basic necessities?

While doing a large food drive for our local food bank, Community Harvest in Fort Wayne Indiana, we learned more about the senior food programs and just how important they are to our community. In the past few weeks we have taken on a few delivery routes, taking non-perishable food items to seniors just like this. To see their faces light up when the open to door to smiling children is almost more than my heart can bear.

Consider signing up to help our local senior and elderly organizations WITH your children. Here are a few places you can do this around our area:

  1. Community Harvest Food Bank
  2. Aging & In-Home Service in NE IN
  3. Rescue Mission
  4. Charis House
  5. Franciscan Center, St. Anthony’s Food Pantry
  6. Check in with local nursing homes for NUMEROUS volunteer opportunities! Many love assistance with craft days, games, and strolling residents around the grounds on nice days for walks!

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Rates of STIs Extremely High in Senior Living Centers


Rates of STIs Extremely High in Senior Living Centers


For those born between 1930 and 1960, any topics sexually related or covering intimacy are all but shunned. Folks from that time period were taught that they were to never speak about such topics, events, or actions, and that for the most part, they were only supposed to do “that” to procreate, or with their spouse. Because of this type of information, and thought process of the 50’s, many people are not aware of the dangers of sexually transmitted infections, diseases, or the things that one can pass to another even by sexual touch. Safe sex was not something that was taught, or discussed, thusly making all forms of protection available today essentially foreign to them.

Why is this a problem in senior living communities? Due to the lack of education and the greater lack of discussion, elderly people are coming together in these facilities to find some pleasure. I bet your mouth just fell open! It’s true. While they are not always engaged in the actual act of sexual intercourse, they are fingering, touching, groping, and providing oral stimulation to their community mates. This is a perfectly normal human need: to feel pleasure and intimacy. The statistics in our area (Fort Wayne, IN) are pretty shocking, as many would not think that these things are happening.


The good news? Great news, actually. Boudoir Noir’s School of Loving Arts is preparing to debut a new series of classes to bring a certain sexual education into these senior living communities that obviously need it more than ever. These classes will discuss the taboo subjects of sex, intimacy, and the safety measures that need to be taken, even for these minor situations the seniors may be finding themselves in.

Why would we do these classes? In our classroom inside of our store, we have seen a rush of seniors coming to attend. In some cases, the nursing home transport van did the drop off, and pick up. This spoke volumes to us, and showed the need for such a program.

If you’re a senior living in a community that is dealing with these issues, maybe you should reach out for more information for your facility. Sometimes, posting informational posters or putting information in the newsletter is all it takes. In other cases, we find that directly addressing these diseases and issues can greatly reduce the percentage of transmission within the walls of the community.

Feel free to message our page for more details, or look for the School of Loving Arts on Facebook.

Elderly Care Resources: Bunions


Elderly Care Resources: Bunions


Bunions can be some of the most painful things a human can get, and can completely throw off your balance, your stride, and even the ability to walk. Normally occurring at the joints of the toes, most commonly the big toe, there can be swelling, as well as significant amounts of pain. Certain things can be done without seeing a doctor, but if the pain is too great, contact your doctor immediately.

Buying the correct types of shoes can help with basic daily function. Shoes with a wider toe box that do not put pressure on to the area where the bunion is will help. Also, seeing your Podiatrist, or Pedorthist, can help point you in the right direction. Pedorthists may offer more ways to help fix your bunions than going a surgical route, although in certain cases surgery may be unavoidable.

Recently we have begun to do some work with those at Summit Pedorthics. They are based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and service anyone willing to travel to their location. In some cases, the owner, and Certified Pedorthist, will travel with prior arrangements. If you ever have questions about your feet, they are the people to ask!

Check out their latest post about Bunions, in their new series titled, “Bunions, Calluses & Corns. Oh My!”

Check back for more articles, soon!




Elderly Care Resources suggests Summit Pedorthics


Elderly Care Resources suggested Summit Pedorthics


At Elderly Care Resources, we’re always looking for those businesses specializing first in dealing with elderly issues. Second, we focus on the treatment they receive. Summit Pedorthics has proven time and time again to be the BEST place in Northern Indiana to get your foot information, shoes, orthotics, and general fixes from! The owner, Steve, is an all-around wonderful guy, who will tell you the truth on products and feet related things without lies. He’s got over 35 years of expertise in this business, and has been a Certified Pedorthist for many, many years.

He has branched off into his own home based business, wanting to serve the public and educate other professionals in the field, too! He has recently begun blogging, and started his own social media pages! Be sure to stop by and tell him hello!

Check out his sites to be linked up with them to ask your questions, or get your needs serviced! As of now, he is servicing those in Northern Indiana!

Summit Pedorthics on Facebook

Summit Pedorthics on Twitter

Check out Summit Pedorthics blog, here!

Thanks for stopping by! Check back soon for more local business updates!

Holidays are Here Again!!! We’re BACK and Hopefully Done with Our Hiatus!

oh forks holidays 2014

Holidays are Here Again! (We’re BACK and Hopefully Done with our Hiatus!)


Elderly Care Resources has spent the last few months moving! Anyone who has moved with multiple children after living in a house for 11 years knows exactly what that’s like!! We’ll be getting back to the blog in full swing in the next few weeks, bringing you much information from the recent Autoimmune Summit that has been hosted by many of the top doctors, nutritionists and leaders in the autoimmune world.

While we haven’t been busy on our ECR page, we HAVE been VERY busy everywhere else!! In October, we published our first gluten free cook book, OH, Forks!! A Little Bit of Everything and All That’s Gluten Free with Author Skye Falcon and Gluten Free for Me. It’s a fabulous book, made from 100% recycled paper, and over 200 pages filled with pictures, simple directions, versatile ingredients, and nutrition labels!!

For the Holidays, we’ve made a few deals on these books! Please check out the Gluten Free for Me Facebook page, or check out their latest blog post for details!

We’re excited to share with our reading community everything we’ve learned from the autoimmune summit!! We also hope that your winter is starting off well, and want you to remember your winter safety precautions against falls, and staying warm!!

Some have sent in comments asking about my Grandma, too. I will try to get an update about her done, too. Thanks for asking, and still thinking of her. She needs all the prayers she can get. #justicefornancy

Seniors Need Funding and Rights, too!

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Seniors Need Funding and Rights, too!


In most states we researched, seniors and elderly people do not feel that they are being heard by a number of government agencies that were created to do just that- help them. Of course, many or all now know that the government is broken in so many places, that it’s hard to even pin point where to go to fix the issues. However, as there is a division for children and family services in most all states that the government supports, there is not a specific division there to help seniors.

In some states, there are some “things” set up for the elderly, but it is nothing that is just readily available to them. These are things that they have to fight to get. As an elderly senior, fighting for rights, for better identity theft protection, and laws against elder abuse… they should not have to be fighting for!

Recently in Louisiana, seniors protested at the State Capitol to have a bill pushed through that would assist them with such fights with these programs. This bill is also pushing for more funding for the Office of Elderly affairs, and programs that it supports. It is these types of programs, and incentives, that truly do make the lives of the elderly easier, and more worth fighting for. State officials in Louisiana also pointed out that if they had more programs, incentives, and the like for seniors, it could open up a whole other avenue in having more seniors retire to their state for the duration of their lives.


Resources Used:


New Indiana Law Requires POST Documentation


New Indiana Law Requires POST Documentation

There is always confusion about DNRs, and who should, or shouldn’t be resuscitated. Each doctor’s office, or hospital, now require a separate copy of your wishes, signed by a multitude of people, with extra hoops to jump through. In fact, this process is getting closer and closer to being as difficult as taxes are, and dealing with the IRS. For someone who simply wants to make sure that their own wishes are followed at their end of life, State’s sure do not make the process an easy one. Depending on your State will depend on which forms you need, and where to submit them to. In our experience, every place that your loved one MAY be seen needs to have their DNR on file, POA, and if in Indiana, the POST form. Below you’ll find information about the newly adopted POST form laws.
As of July 2013, Indiana’s Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment (POST) legislation was signed in, and took effect. While POST is not a living will, this form does allow each individual to make specific decisions and interventions about their medical care. Being signed by both the patient and the doctor, this document helps make one’s wishes actionable.
POST is not for everyone, or otherwise healthy people. This form is for patients who are chronically ill, with progressive frailty, those with terminal conditions caused by injury, disease or illness from which there can be no real recovery, or death will occur at some near future point. Those patients with conditions where resuscitation may be unsuccessful, where cardiac or pulmonary failure is present; or those patients with a life expectancy of six months or less.
These forms do have different parts, and don’t be afraid to ask your doctor’s office to help you fill them out. If any patient is unable to make their own decisions, or sign for themselves, a legal representative must sign. This form IS NOT complete until it HAS BEEN SIGNED by the PHYSICIAN.

Downloadable/Printable POST form for INDIANA residents

For more information, or list of the complete laws surrounding the POST forms and law, please visit the in.gov website, and follow their links!

Resources Used: Indiana State web site (linked above)