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Volunteering: ~Herbie’s Memorial Garden~


There are many ways that you could assist your elderly loved ones. Whether that’s helping after surgery, offering to clean their house, or take care of their yard… Taking them to the grocery, shopping, or seeing that their automobiles are in tip-top shape. Anything you offer, and do, will be greatly appreciated by your loved one. (And the good will spread back to you, too!!)


Recently, my Grandpa passed away from cancer. My Grandma asked that my husband & I assist in creating a private, front yard sitting area for her, in memory of Herbie. We were all over this project–as my husband and I met years ago in a nursery & landscaping store… 

My Grandpa was the man on the porch, literally. When we went to design the project, my husband pulled up google earth, and pulled up the front of their house. Wouldn’t you know, after a year, he was still sitting on that patio. Waving at all the passer-by’s.


It was a pretty big project, but that’s our favorite kind. I loved that while searching for tools we forgot to bring in the garage….I stumbled across my Grandpa’s “secrets” from years before. My old hunting bow that he helped me perfect my bow & arrow hunting methods with. From a treehouse in the backyard, aimed straight for the woods. A pile of old Winston wrappers…from his times of “secret smoking” in the garage. Not really secret, we all knew….but he was sure my Grandma didn’t!! I remember walking outside to the garage, and him waving me in quickly with one hand, while hiding the smoke rising out of his other. “Hey Jen,” in his heavy southern accent. “come on in here now & don’t let yer Grandma see us for a minute here.” The fishing rods lining the walls, and all our boat trips, fishing trips, and outdoor excitement.




I’m very happy that I was still able to do this for them. My only wish is that my life’s obligations didn’t make it more possible for my kids to get to know him as I knew him when he was here with us. Of course I’ll be teaching them everything he ever taught me, and they’ll know what an awesome man he was!!